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PROJECT: Chip Bag Organizer - Designed for LTD Commodities
BRIEF: Design and develop a functional and aesthetically pleasing potato chip organizer that keeps various chip bags neatly organized and easily accessible. Requirements from the customer were that it needed to be made out of metal, and offered in white and black.
SOLUTION:  During the research phase we concluded that a metal wire tray with dividers would be a good solution to keep the potato bags organized and in their place. Since price was also important for the project we decided to use steel with powder coating to maintain a certain price point.

Based on the customer's needs we set out to conduct some research, after looking at how the people we researched stored their dry nacks and dry food boxes, we noticed that people just wrapped the bags and somehow just stacked them on top of each other, if potato chips or tortilla chips they would crack.  We also noticed that our solution can also help organize dry food boxes.

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