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PROJECT: Ideaworks Driving Pillow
BRIEF: Design a cushion that will help with making long drives more comfortable. The pillow should fit most vehicles. it should be durable to last a few years. it should be an ergonomic fit. It should be easy to set up, Aesthetics should be similar to modern car interiors
SOLUTION:  Using different types of foams with different firmness we were able to develop a pillow that meets the requirements for the project. we used a combination of semi-firm urethane foam with a thinner layer of memory foam for comfort. The cover is made with resistant fabric that can take the constant use of sitting on it. The cover is washable in case of spills. The possible solutions we came up with were, one made out of cloth and the other of vegan leather.

One of our customers came to us to pitch them automotive products and one of the categories they suggested to focus is on making driving less tiring and more enjoyable. We explored different areas of the car that can possibly make driving better. 

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